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I am just venting a little bit about the Redskins.com store.


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Hey all,

Every now and then I will go to the Redskins online store just to see waht they have for sale and what cool items or jerseys they may have. Well, I saw that they were promoting 15% off orders above 100 bucks. Well, I decide to see what a replithentic Landry jersey would be. I get in the cart and it gives about what I expected, but then when I saw that they charge $22.00 for shipping I almost fell out of my chair!:mad:

Even if you go to the store you will still pay the same price so really you aren't saving any more money than you would if you were ordering online. It is absolute a total rip off. I have bought very few things online from the Redskins.com site, but I can tell you it is crazy to pay that kind of money for ground service. I know that it doesn't cost that much but it seems like if you were to get Fed Ex service from another site you would be able to get the same ground service for cheaper. Just another example of the fans getting screwed and they wonder why people continue to buy bootleg goods off of EBAY.

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I did last year. I bought the Burgundy 75th anniversary portis jersey last year. That was truly a great deal. It really sucks because I used to go to Ballston Common when they had a redskins store and I would buy my jerseys there. It was really cool because the guys that worked there were Redskins fans and it was convenient. I didn't buy all my jerseys there, but I would say that it was nice that I wasn't held hostage by shipping charges.

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