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Giants fan in Subway dissapointed with Giants preformence


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So, I came back from school running Cross Country and my mom had to go to CVS while I went to subway for a sub.

As I'm ordering, I saw a Giants fan with a Tiki Barber jersey come in. One of the people asked him, "Hey, did you see Thursday's game?" and he replied...

"Yeah...But I am dissapointed with the performance of my team. They could have done way better, I mean we only scored on an Eli rushing TD and only got field goals after that. Skins D lit it up in the second half....."

His voice trailed on as I exited the store with thoughts that Redskins fans aren't the only fans who are dissapointed with their team on Thursday, so are Giants fans.

Anyways, Here's to the New Orleans game and hopefully this cheered up and fired up many people! Game on! :point2sky

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