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Hey guys...3 Rings here...AKA Scott. Been writing for this website called drafttek.com now for a while and occasionally get to throw some Skins info (content) in the mix. Of course, you guys are first to know when it hits the site. Hope you enjoy and would love any feedback. Enjoy the games!

Scott L.

Sunday, September 7, 2008. - Drafttek.com Senior Writer, Scott Lilliston

It was a very slow week for college football, save for the scare Ohio University put into Ohio State. The University of Florida, where all-world wide receiver Percy Harvin was back on the field, and “The U” were butting heads last night. That was definitely the headliner of the weekend and the Gators won by 3 scores. Miami had won the last 6 meetings between them so there was some intrigue.

Schools are hitting their cream-puff schedules this week. In fact, the college ranks were devoid of any primetime-worthy game this week and no two ranked teams played against each other. As such…let the silliness begin.

Gotta hand it to Plaxico Burress this week. he single-handedly showed America’s youth that it’s only right to play hard AFTER you get the money you want. He also single-handedly made the Redskins tap out Thursday night after hauling in 10 passes for 133 yards in a 16-7 win.

Brandon Jacobs looks like he’s going to take back the role of primary rusher for the G-Men. His steamrolling of Laron Landry in the first quarter Thursday night left little doubt. Landry looked like a gnat trying to keep a fat kid away from the buffet.

During Thursday night’s telecast, where several people were gathered, I heard someone say something odd. Just after Jason Campbell, AKA Eriq La Salle whom you likely know as Daryl, the Prince of Soul Glo in “Coming to America”, hit Santana Moss for the Skins only TD, someone in the room said “Let’s just hope he (Campbell) doesn’t go head-butt the wall!”

What a crazy thing to say from someone who claims to be a Redskins fan. Gus Frerotte’s infamous head-butting of an end-zone wall after scoring a touchdown, which ended his day with a neck injury, has to rank in the top 3 worst moments in the team’s history. So why, TELL ME WHY, would a fan even have the gall to utter such a thing during a game?!?! One might as well grab a couple fistfulls of c-notes, head down to Tijuana and start bragging to the locals that you’ve never been robbed in your life.

So what are the worst things that can be uttered by an NFL team’s fans? It was difficult, but I think we tacked it down. Enjoy…and don’t say we didn’t tell you so if, after you utter these football-god-forsaken phrases or buzz words, your team takes a dive!


1. Chicago Bears - Any combination of the words “shuffle”, “bowl” or “super”. Oh and the names Jonathan Quinn, Cade Mcknown and Rex Grossman are off limits too.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers - Anything to do with Merrill Hoge, whom I’m convinced is single-handedly trying to stupify the football watching world. We’d recommend you stay away from using the name Kordell in casual conversation or the word “slash”. OH..and you may want to lay off the word “immaculate” since the good karma on that word has long since been cashed in.

3. Dallas Cowboys - “Clint” and “Longley” are out unless you are talking about his specific miraculous comeback game against the Redskins on Thanksgiving. We’d also steer clear of mentioning the words “marijuana”, “pot”, “weed”, “coke”, “blow”, “prostitutes”, “strippers”….well, you get the point.

4. Oakland Raiders - “Marinovich” is a no-no, though uttering the name “Madden” serves as the antidote. “Just win, baby” should be retired when Al Davis leaves (or joins the ranks of Yoda and Obi-Won Kenobi…whichever happens first)

5. Green Bay Packers - “Mandarich” is a no-go. Stay away from using the phrase “4th and 26″ whenever possible. Also watchout for “Chmura” and “hot tub”.

6. Washington Redskins - (C'mon...you know I can't give it to you here...the website would kill me. :D Click here for a few seconds...)

http://blog.drafttek.com/ Cheers. :cheers:

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Just wanted to say thanks to all those who messaged me or left a note at the website with feedback or ideas. I'll make sure to post my articles here as long as no one thinks they are terrible...or maybe my ES'rs are just being polite?? Either way...thanks again.


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