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Question about the 281 event. . .


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I tried to pull up the 281 event. I tried to look for the thread, but the search function was not working at any rate, I looked up the 281 website out of curiosity what Green and Monk were charging for the event. I saw 25 for presale and 35 for at the door. Ok, I am thinking not bad. You get them both to autograph your ball and you can live with that if you spend 75 for the ball and then 25-35 for the admission, that would have worked out to be as much as it would have been to get one of their autographs at the CSA show. . .

BUT HOLD THE PHONE! I looked tonight on their website and they are charging without any signatures on the ball, 200 a pop for the ball and then you have to pay for admission for the event. So you will have to pay as much for a ball that you may or may not have wanted and you could have went to the csa event, bought or brought something of your own choice and gotten both for about the same amount. That is absolutely rediculous! I was thinking that 281 wasn't a bad deal and that for people who didn't want to spend the money on the CSA it was a good way of getting to meet Art and Darrell for somewhat reasonable price. Now they are basically changing the rules of the game in the middle when people have already committed to this and they are going to charge 200 for a football unsigned!!!!

What a total scam and I don't care that they are not charging any money for their autographs. The initial deal when they were offering stuff was 75 for the ball and basically 75 for each signature mail order. That works out to 225. Now if you attend in person, that is the price that you are going to get! I am glad that I did the CSA show because I would have been mad had I had to pay 200 for a football and then drive an hour which would have been about 50 dollars of gas and time from Arlington. I am sorry, but I don't understand the mentality of the players doing this to the fans. Sorry about the long winded post, but it is amazing to me that players are acting like OPEC and actually inflating prices right before an event. I don't think that I have ever seen that happen before.

I understand that you get Ken Harvey and Doc Walker on the ball as well, but why would you want them autograph a ball that is really for Art Monk and Darrell Green getting into the HOF? Also no inscriptions? I know that people aren't paying extra, but you are getting ripped off any way, so they should go ahead and sign whatever people want. I initially thought that this was a good deal and had it been closer to where I live, I might have considered it, but at the prices that they are charging, I am glad that I did what I did. Just warning you guys out there who thought you were going to get a good deal, it would appear that the fan gets kicked again.

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