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HOF-Bound Art Monk and Darrell Green SuperBowl Pics

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Art Monk runs back to the huddle. Jersey collectors: Note that Art has removed the NFL shield from the front of his jersey. The NFL shield was fairly new at that point, only having been in use on the jerseys for a year or two. Monk frequently removed them because, from what I understand, he considered himself as working for the Redskins, not the NFL.

Another angle of Monk being knocked out at the 2 yard line. Redskins try two running plays which were unsuccessful, making it 3rd down and goal from the 2.

Pass is called. Art Monk makes the catch in the endzone. Score: Washington 6, Buffalo 0.

Art is congratulated by his teammates.

Scoring recap: 5 receptions by Art Monk, 87 yards.

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The officials in the booth nullify the TD. Art's expression from the sidelines as the announcement is made.

Points are taken off the board. It's the first time in Superbowl history that a touchdown had been nullified. With 4th and 2, Redskins try a field goal. The snap is perfect. The holder, back-up QB Jeff Rutledge, mis-handles the ball (or what would later be known as "pulls a Romo sits to pee") and Buffalo takes over on the ten. Score: 0-0.

Later, 2nd quarter. Redskins score a 34 yard FG by Chip Lohmiller. This 3rd pic shows Darrell Green on the kicking team. As the fastest player on the team, he was used in case he needed to run somebody down.

Rypien behind center, is gaining confidence, as the Redskins are moving the ball well. :)

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2nd quarter. Monk congratulates Ernest Byner after a score. Redskins 10, Buffalo 0. Jersey collectors Note: The font used for names on these jerseys for the past decade or two is shown clearly. The Redskins would change the font to a straight font in the next year or two or three.

Darrell Green is hugged after an interception.

Redskins are in their hurry-up offense.

Redskins have a 10-0 lead and have just moved the ball inside the Buffalo ten. Coaches are beginning to relax a little.

Redskins run Riggs for a 1 yard TD. Score: Redskins 17, Buffalo 0.

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Late in the second quarter, Monk waits in position. Jersey collectors note: Monk liked to cut slits in his sleeves under the underarm.

SB MVP John Riggins is new HOF inductee.

Half ends in shutout. Darrell Green is helped into the locker room with a cramp in his leg.

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Regarding Art's nullified TD, looking back at the replays, Art's left foot landed well inside the endzone - by at least a yard, with his right leg fully extended back and parallel to the ground. He could have easily dragged the toe of his right foot as he lowered his right leg, but apparently, he didn't feel he needed to, as he was well inside the endzone. As his body angled towards the back of the EZ, Art, again, could have easily stepped within bounds, but instead, he misjudged his step, and his toe crossed into the back of the EZ by about an inch. The defender did not appear to hit him, so the forced-out rule did not apply. It looked like a good call. The "coach's challenge" rule was not yet in effect.

3rd Qtr - Redskins score first with a 2 yard run from Riggs. Score: 24-0. Buffalo manages a FG, then a TD, Score: 24-10. Rypien throws a 30 yrd TD to Clark. Score: 31-10.

4th Qtr - Redskins add 25 and 39 yard FGs. Score: 37-10. Buffalo scores two TDs in the waning minutes. Final score: 37-24.

Art Monk finished with 7 catches for 113 yards. He ended his career playing in three superbowls and earning three Superbowl rings, but never scored a touchdown during a superbowl.

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It's ashamed Art didn't score that TD but in the end, they won the game. Art had 113 yards receiving and proved his greatness as we dominated the Bills in every aspect

Yeah, but watching that game - Art just didn't seem on top of his game. I don't know if he was nervous or what? Yes he had some good catches. But then he straight up dropped an easy pass late in the 2nd quarter which we needed for a first down. It was right in his gut over the middle and he dropped it. Very odd. We had to punt.

And that missed TD in the first QTR. That's just weird.

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