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Proposition: Collection of Memorabilia and Letters for Jackie


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I know there has been a lot of these threads recently, putting up ideas on how to honor Taylor and help those grieving him, but I thought this was an idea worth considering.

I think it would mean a lot to the Taylors if we could send anything and everything we have that might help Jackie learn a little about her father. Letters and stories from those who met him, anything he signed, pictures you've taken... anything, no matter how small. Maybe even a letter talking about the impact he has had on you as a person. She deserves to know about him as she grows, and he deserves for his little girl to know what kind of man he was. It wouldn't be much, but maybe it would be something.

Sean loved his daughter. We don't know much about him personally, but we do know that. I think this is something we could do as fans that would really honor Sean and what he meant to everyone around him.

I know it will be hard to part with some of these things, and it might be prevalent to wait a little while to send these things so the string isn't quite so sharp, but it really feels like something of use we can do.

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i think this is among the best ideas yet


Thanks. It just feels unfair that we know more about Sean and the person he was than his daughter, who he loved more than anything. If we can offer her those memories, I think it's the most precious things we have to give.

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