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Everyone at my Job here in Texas


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Came in this Morning and heard about the news and to see how I was doing and to give their condolences. Even one co-worker who was out on vacation got back this morning and came by my desk. The guy wasn't for sure, but thought the Background on my Computer was the person that passed away and it was. He said "I thought I saw Taylor on your Computer Background, but wasn't sure". He was right, I always had the background of Sean Taylor on my Computer here at the Job, and everyone see's it when they walk by my desk. They we're like "damn", are you serious, that was him, YEP.

I consider myself a very strong person and rarely show emotions. But I'm almost in tears over the loss of a person I hardly knew and most of us Redskin fans could probably say the same. But us here at Redskin Nation and sports followers everywhere could probably feel the pain as well. It's a truely sad loss to a person, player and beloved Redskin on this day. And to think after posting yesterday, I had all the faith in the world that Sean would pull through, it wasn't even an afterthought, I knew he would. And to hear on the radio this morning around 08:00am Central Time from a source in the Washington area that he had passed away hit me like a freight train. My cousins even called me this morning from Capitol Heights Maryland and I could not accept this, damn.

Anyway, prayers goes out to Seans family and he's in a better place now, eventhough I feel like the planet Earth would have been better for him at such a young age. And I really didn't want to come to the board this morning knowing what was in store after the news. This is like when growing up in D.C/MD and another star player died that was a University of Maryland star "Len Bias" , all my friends and I cried on that day, because we knew len from the Ball Courts and playing ball and knew that wasn't Lens.

Anyhow, peace and much love for this tragedy and meaningless loss of life.

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