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If NFL freaking films decides to make their freaking 2007 version of the freaking skins yearbook, this should be the title.

Another win down in the loss silo!

Just when you thought we'd steal a victory from the jaws of defeat, we feed the **** the W.

One week it's the offense, next week it's the defense.

Let's review the season shall we...

Game 1: Miami... close game against a winless team. Nuff said! Next!!!

Missing: Offense

Game 2: Philly...Okay! This is where the season changes! Jason Campbell gets the McNabb virus. Somehow, the aimless virus transferred from McNabb to Campbell. McNabb was in the Campbell soup commercial, Jason's last name is Campbell! Conspiracy theory? I think not! Jason starts losing it here on out! This does our season in.

Missing: Offense

Game 3: We blow a double-digit lead at the half and the Giants turn their season around and in the process inadvertently extends Coughlin's tenure. Yay for us. That's advantage Redskins in my book, but we sacrificed a win.

Missing: Offense and Defense

Goat: The unis...we looked like the Pack, however, at the rate they are playing, it just might not be a bad idea! And the 2nd half Offense and Defense

Game 4: Our piece de resistance of the season. Our SuperBowl over a team that we own at home. If we fielded the Redskinettes, we'd still blowout the Lions and stwasm will be on Sportcenter

Goat: the beerman for not going to our aisle enough!

Game 5: The Packers. The Packers might've as well apologized for winning that game. The Skins did everything but wrap it with a bow with all the drops and the gift to Woodson.

Missing: Offense

Goat: Moss

Game 6: You know what?...I don't remember this game.

Missing: Me

Goat: My neighbor for backing over my dish tower.

Game 7: After each Patriots score, I would think to myself...This is it! This is when the Skins turn it on!!! Then the game was over.

Missing: Offense and Defense

Goat: Guts out, we fought our supersmart...(If put Mark out there and poseted about how odious he was it would have been more beneficial)

Game 8: The Jets! I could've sworn that was John Elway leading the Jets to a 4th Quarter winning drive.

Missing: Offense and Defense

Goat: Gregg

Game 9: McNabb rejuvenated!

Missing: Offense and Defense

Goat: The eagles and the field are both green!

Game 10: Owens life flashed before my eyes!

Missing: Defense

What's the point of my post?

Just like the season...


...and just maybe, Joe Gibbs says "to heck with it" and passes on every down and Gregg Williams says "to heck with it" and blitzes on every down maybe we'll make the playoffs!!!

You might ass well!!!!!

Bitter? Do I sound bitter? Na, that's just the alcohol typing!

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