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Man! every week Redskins fans meet at the sports bar here in Houston (Texans/Cowboys) territory to only be antagonized by Cowboy fans. And that's even if the Cowboys aren't playing like during the Lions game :laugh: . And them guys swear the Cowboys offensively and defensively are the team to beat this year.

Anyhow, one guy was talking about how easy our schedule is this year, especially after the clobbering of the Lions right in front of they're eyes(live) on satellite T.V in the Redskin section. But after viewing our schedule, we have all the tough games on the road against (Greenbay, Patriots, Tampa, Jets, @Dallas (1st game) @Minnesota). And the Cowboys have all the tough games IMO at home except for the game against the Bears on the road that they won.

And why is it that we always seem to get the Tampa game on the road? It's like they really want to see Tampa beat us at home all the time :mad: .

Also, I hope the bears don't start getting hot after yesterday win and we get them when they're starting to play well.

So, since we lost our first game against the giants at home and now must try and pull off a win at the meadowlands next time against them. Who's the team we beat away from home to make up for the Giants win at our place?

I'm hoping it's our next upcoming opponent in Green Bay since they seem to be on a role and we're playing at Lambeau. Why? Because even though we skinned the lions, I still don't think the media is impressed until we go down to Lambeau and put the smack down on the media darlings and Brett Favre. So, If we can get a win at Lambeau tis Sunday, I will feel alot better about going up to Foxboro and playing the Patriots.

It's my gut feeling that the Packer game will be looked at alot more by the media than our win over Detroit. And I think if we win there, eyebrows will really start to raise.

Let's Go

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