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Antonio Bryant = Michael Irvin?


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It looks like the Cowboys have their replacement for Michael Irvin -- Antonio Bryant looks like the kind of punk biitch that they've been looking for. Yes, he's talented, but he also serves as a model Cowboy: a classless loser. I don't think I'm going out on a limb here to predict that he'll see the inside of a courtroom before his career is over -- and I wouldn't be surprised to see some fans cheering while his broken body is dragged off the field someday.

Here's a note to the Skins fan who got the ball Bryant handed to him: In the future, don't celebrate it. Throw it back. Spike it off his head. What the hell were you thinking? You're on TV looking like a sucker -- if you'd thrown that thing right back at him, you'd have made him look like the little punk that he is.

And one last note to Antonio Bryant: nice celebration, punk. Did you happen to read the scoreboard while you were dancing down the sidelines?

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I really had it out for Galloway after his strut into the endzone on turkey day, but Bryant's stunt puts him on top of my crap list. I kept waiting for that guy to throw the ball back, hopefully he did it after the camera turned away. Bryant and summertime have alot in common, no class.:puke:

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