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Farewell Darrell.....

Guest Matt Kyriacou

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Guest Matt Kyriacou

As I sit here on the morning of the last game of, in my opinion, the greatest Redskin of all time I can't help but feel saddened.

There has only been one other time when I have felt this way over the retirement of an athlete of whom I have been a fan for so long. Clearly there are parallels between the two as well. The other athlete was George Brett.

Both of them played their entire careers for the same team, came up big in clutch situations, and seemed as though they would have played the game just as hard for free. Both of them turned down more money in free agency to remain with their teams. I only mention George Brett in this post to illustrate how rare a commodity we have had in Darrell.

It has been my honor and privledge to watch his entire career unfold before my eyes. From the first moment that I saw him (preseason 1983 punt return against Atlanta...I was lucky enough to be there) I knew that he was special and he has done nothing to change my initial impression now 20 years later.

To me he is the best CB to ever wear cleats bar none. My hope is that Champ can be half of what Darrell has been for us for so long.

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