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Mini Pack + Red Parking Pass Available Face Value


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I have two tickets in Sec. 412, row 12, seats 1 & 2 on the aisle... Fantastic sight lines.. Plus a Red Parking Pass... My Dad and I use these tickets every year and come up from NC for several games during the season... This year, we're coming to five and are going to sell the rest... Really want these in the hands of Skins' fans so I'm putting them up here.... Here's the games.

8/18 Steelers

8/25 Ravens

9/23 Giants

11/11 Eagles

12/2 Bills

Face value for the tickets plus the parking is $879.00. Tickets are $70.40 each (with the 10% amusement tax :doh: ) and parking is $35/game.

Would also consider splitting up individual games w/ parking for face value, but what I would need to do is sell one regular season game along with one of the pre-season games at face too... For example, someone buys the Eagles & Steelers combined or Giants & Ravens together...If anyone is interested, pls. send me a PM... Hail!! :point2sky :point2sky

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