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I and my wife travel every year to go see the Redskins play somehwhere, and this year the closest game is Dallas. I was looking at tickets and about crapped my pants!!

I have in my numerous years of traveling, never seen such expensive tickets??

And for crap seats too! Are redskins tickets just as expensive?? Is this a normal thing or is it just becuase Dallas is considered....notice I said considered, a popular team?? Luckily my kids are small enough to not be interested in going, but the NFL has put going to a live game for a family of four out of reach for me. We can barely afford my wife and I. Many a times I have gone alone.

I hated when Arizona left. They were the best. airplane tickets cost us around $160 for two. I was able to ALWAYS get between the 50's about 2-12 rows up from the field for $50 each and it was an affordable weekend. Now having to travel so far to see my fav team is getting out of reach financially.

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I know how you feel.

Ive just bought two for the Dallas game at Fedex for me and the wife. Tickets plus fees and shipping was $320. For that priviledge I will be sat next to her and God. I really don't think we can get any higher and I am really concerned we may be hit by a helicopter.

The air fare is very dear too as Manchester is a looooooooooong way away.


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