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State of the Skins Pick


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Well, as most of us knew. If we couldn't muster up a trade, Landry was gonna be the pick. And thank god we didn't get a trade so we could go after Lance Briggs. That IMO, would have been worser than some of you think of the Landry selection.

Again, I thought the Landry pick was gonna be pretty good selection and I still stand firm on this pick with #6. And as I stated in a previous thread, I think our injuries last year in the secondary and AA not panning out caused the defense to collaspe. And I understand we need help up front, but do we really? And since most of us always speak of molding our own players and draft picks, why not give Golston and Montgomery a chance. Atleast we know Golston had a pretty good showing with the chances he was given last year, and maybe Montgomery can do the same this year. And last time I checked, alot of teams usually find DT gems within their own locker rooms after rookies get opportunities beyond their rookie years.

Next, we didn't get Lance Briggs thank god again. But we did sign a solid MLB

in London Fletcher. Then, we still have a player most of you was dying to have a chance to play as well as his teammates in Rocky. Even his own teammates couldn't understand why he wasn't playing in place of Holdman last year. So IMO, that's another plus and added addition to our defense that didn't really get his shot last year. And, we still have Washington and can also move Lemar Marshall in a better LB position other than being our primary MLB cause we have Fletcher now.

And don't forget Andre Carter was starting to come on strong during the end of the season. But I think out DL is gonna be okay with Golston having another year under his belt along with Montgomery and our remaining veteran holdover's on the DL.

Now, the secondary. We rid ourselves of AA and re-signed stoutmire that played very well before he left the first time. We resigned Smoot back and still have Springs, Rogers and Taylor. We signed Macklin who can be a descent interchangable player. And now we have Laron Landry if he can be an instant starter. And from what I've read about other teams draft picks and grades of safeties. If their safeties can start instantly, I'm quite sure Laron can do the same. Because wasn't he supposed to be the best defense of player on the entire board? So some of those draft grades and opions given are like you know, cause everybody has one.

And speaking of draft grades and some of these opions given. Look! they all can kiss my (sorry), but IMO, haters are in all shapes, forms and sizes. Because if Landry pans out to be the player projected, we're gonna have one heckuva safety combination. Also, all this talk about us trying to make up for the AA blunder. Sorry, I don't think so. We took the best player on defense on the board during our pick, period. Especially since none of the other hating Organizations wanted to trade with us. And to add gasoline to the fire. Since we did let AA go, wasn't safety also a need pick for us?

Further, why is it that Detroit can pick 3 WR's in the last 4 drafts, but it's a big deal that we took another secondary player we they all claim we should have went DL. I'm quite sure Detroit had other glaring needs other than WR. Shoot, they already have Roy Williams right? And what about Mike Williams, he could make a turn for the better this year. But no, when it comes to the skins, well, we already have Sean Taylor. Okay, tell me the diffrence in this scenenario other than it defense compared to offense. And don't give me that we need DL help and pressuer up front or our secondary gonna get burned anyhow. Okay, Well you also need a QB to throw to WR's or picking receivers won't really make a diffrence.

In closing, my observation is that we must look at how our defense slipped in ranking and our DC in Gregg Williams. Gregg doesn't really need a dominant DT or defense of front entirely to be successful. All he needs is journey men to plug gaps and do thier jobs in his scheme. Gregg's presuure up front comes from his blitz packages. And that mostly consist of LB's, safeties and CB's. And this my people is what hindered us last year not our DL. Okay, maybe our DL didn't help much when it came to the run. But again, our entire defense collasped because we couldn't cover nobody. And couldn't really blitz or apply pressure like Gregg does because (we couldn't cover nobody). It was like we we're damned if we do and damned if we don't.

Look! we sured up our secondary and drafted another player to even further it. Now! Gregg can be Gregg Williams we all know. We have 2 really 3 formidable safeties if you add in Stoutmire. So, we don't have to worry about Wright, AA and whom ever else getting burned if we blitz. We don't have to worry about someone like Sean Taylor trying to make up for AA hick-ups and trying to do too much. And that goes for the entire secondary. We don't have guys like Wright and Rumph covering, and we even have PP back now.

We can now even blitz one of our 2 safeties in Landry or Taylor and have a descent secondary to cover and one of the 2 safeties covering as well. Just depending on which safety Gregg decides to blitz. And the boy Landry can run a 4.3 and play the middle of the field and hit like a mack truck.

So, IMO, our defense is looking pretty good this year and not faltering from total discouragement because nobody in our secondary could cover. It was the dominoe affect with the entire defense, especially when Springs went down.

The skins defense well be okay this year, trust me.

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