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How the heck is laron landry gonna get pressure on the quarterback and stop the run at the line of scrimmage and sack the quarterback? he's a great player, but everyone with a brain knows we need defensive line help desperately. this is why dan snyder is driving all the diehard redskins fans insane. he's the worst thing that happened to this team. dan the fan is like a spoiled fantasy geek. and whoever is agreeing or pushing these decisions(especially the briggs deal, who we don't need: see lavar arrington for overpaid linebackers), needs their head examined. jamaal anderson or amobi okoye wouldve filled an immediate need for out team. we'll be picking in this same spot next year and probably screw it up again. thats if dan the moron doesnt trade all our draft picks for overrated free agents. he knows less about football than any other person in football history. dynasties are built in the draft. guess we're headed for a lifetime of mediocrity. sell the team snyder. go back to whatever business made u rich. u have been killing our team since you bought it. do us all a favor and move to another country. i've been a diehard lifer and i would slap the skin off your face if i ever saw you.

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