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Hey all,

I just got this Chris Cooley Custom made. It cost about 80 bucks, but it is sweet. The guy who makes them is in my opinion one of the best customizers of Mcfarlane action figures there is. I have a whole bunch of customs made by him and believe me, he won't disappoint. Here is a link to his site and the pictures of the customs that I got. Let me know what you all think. I got a lot of the redskins done in his redskins section. Also got the Brady Quinn figure that is on the main page. He does a great job so if you are looking for a figure of past redskins great for you room. This guy will definitely get r done. Also, you could try Brad at www.stupidsuck.com. He does redskins customs. He is a great customizer as well. I got a Sean Taylor doing his endzone dive and it is awesome!.







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