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Offensive tips and tendencies?


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I have all the faith in the world in our coaches and rarely if ever question their playcalling; however I noticed something from the 400s section Sunday that I'm sure is no secret to opposing defenses or even our own coaches.

After Carolina's first and only TD we decided to go for the big play on first down. Which I have no problems with. We lined up in a one WR set which we had done numerous times before and ran the ball almost exclusively out of this set, in this particular game. That being the case the saftey will certainly come up to fill on play action, right? Wrong, Problem was we switched the personnel. Thrash had been the one wide out previously used in this set during this game. And we didn't just put anyone out there, it was Pro Bowler Santana Moss. I would've put last week's paycheck on Santana getting the ball here regardless of the down and distance. Sure JC could've made a better decision or a better throw, but you can't blame him for throwing... look what Moss did last year with deep balls!!

I know Santana is coming off a hamstring injury, which could be the reason he wasn't used in this set earlier in the game. But for this particular play to be successful the D has to bite hard on the play fake, everything has to look similar to the previous runs out of this set. This looked different before the ball was even snapped. Either give Thrash a shot at getting on top of the saftey (it might happen) or use Santana more in this set so it's not a dead giveaway.

I could've missed something, but this is from what I remember.

What do you guys think? And what other offensive tips/tendencies have you noticed?

Other than that good game, great effort!!

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