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Portis' injury may mean better preparation for 2007


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I think we've all known that we've been effectively out of the playoffs since the Indy loss, although the win over the Cowboys had us dreaming big things briefly.

IMHO Gibbs finally wrote off the playoffs yesterday with the loss and the dismal performance. I'm hopeful that he names Campbell the starter today.

When Portis played yesterday I saw a guy with no explosion - Betts looked far better. Portis is clearly a guy who is banged up in any number of ways, and while I certainly don't root for injuries the fact is that we've probably overused him over the last two seasons. With this season shot, I'm hoping he's out for the rest of the season and can fully rest and heal and be ready for 2007.

I think his absence from the lineup for Gibbs, who obviously thinks the world of him, is symbolic that the year is finally lost and that he needs to now lay the groundwork for next season. Continuing to play mediocre or poor vets over our younger talent is not the way to go. Guys like Holdman and Marshall need to step aside for McIntosh and McCune so that we can evaluate them.

Our lack of young depth to even provide such opportunities to really bothers me, but now's the time do it and I think to the extent that Portis' injury has convinced Gibbs of that, it's a productive thing overall.

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