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Worst football cliche  

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  1. 1. Worst football cliche

    • Other guys need to step up
    • One game at a time
    • Looking past / Trap game
    • Gave it 110%
    • Took it to the house
    • Pound the rock
    • Didn't take advantage of opportunities
    • "Must win" game
    • It's a long season
    • Other

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JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS OUT, THEY PULL ME BACK IN. Being the loyal fan, I watched the entire game yesterday against the Cowgirls, with our entire franchise's history looming almost as if the outcome would project consequences I wasn't yet able to concede. A lost would mean;

1) Our season would be a disaster, considering the expectations in the beginning of the season.

2) Gibbs' 2nd run would be considered a mild to moderate failure, only being saved due to last year's playoff run.

3) My hatred of Brunell would have reached historic and satanic proportions.

4) At least now we might see J. Campbell.

But, all these scenarios would have to wait (at least for another week), because WE WON.

As I watched the game, palms sweating, screaming at the zebras as they missed holding calls, gave S. Taylor unnecessary roughness which was BS. I thought of the annoying local Cowgirls fans, and the bragging I would hear if we lost. I thought about Joseph Gibbs and his legacy. I thought about the ESPN pre game panel that all picked the Cowgirls except Jaws.

In the first quarter, I felt the momentum going our way, as we marched down the field, but weren't able to score a touchdown on forth down (despite not making it, good call Gibbs, way to show some guts-finally-lol). Then L. Marshall beasted with the safety, good to have you back #98.

In the second quarter, when things started falling apart, my main man Portis dipped to the sidelines, and showed why he will be in the Hall next to Monk, Jacoby, Warren, Green, and maybe even S. Taylor.

Third quarter, let me begin by saying that I think I know what is wrong with T.O. Judging by his touchdown celebration, I believe that he's soft. He later proved it by dropping a wide open easy touchdown like someone was trying to give him some pootang.

Fourth quarter, Brunell, for some reason you have went 3-1 in the past two seasons against the Cowgirls, but I still hate you. Cooley was wide open and you threw a soft duck that almost got intercepted. As the game was winding down and we marched down the field for a 47 yard field goal and missed, I thought damm, but it's all good overtime. Then the man that is now on my most HATED list, Aruchelta, let Witten catch a ball under 10 seconds inside the 25, BUMMM, BUMMM, BUMMM. I was ready to kill someone, and ready to see Campbell next week against Philly. However, for whatever reason, T. Vincent (my newest favorite Redskin) believed and blocked the attempt, and I am thinking okay who has the ball…….when I see S. Taylor, I am like run.. run… run…, that is when instead of overtime, zebras (who called a good game. lol.) gave use 15 yards extra and Novak the Victory. To all Cowgirl fan in Texas and the local Skins haters, your misery means my happiness. To the entire thorough Skins fan, enjoy the victory, we will have great wins in the future but maybe never one quite as fulfilling as this one.

this was brought to you by Demskins.com

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