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Good to win w/o Moss


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I AM NOT SAYING WE ARE BETTER WITHOUT MOSS - but, it may have been a blessing in disguise that Moss was out this game, I think Brunell got some confidence in throwing to Lloyd and Thrash and got even more confidence in Cooley. I wish ARE could have gotten more throws his way, they should run that open field bubble screen for him.

Overall, I am not a huge Brunell backer and definitely thinks he limits our potential, but until we hit 7 losses (IF we get 7 losses) I think he is our guy for this year so we may as well hope he gets better and I think not having his security blanket out there today forced him to throw the ball around a bit more. I think this was his best game of the year, only 1 horrible pass and also should have ran for that one first down on 3 and 2, but other than that made good throws and decisions and played well considering we never really established the run at all.

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