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defensive changes


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our defense sucks what else can be said...we "fix" a perfectly well oiled machine and everything goes to hell. is there hope? possibly, if the damn defense can stop whining about team chemistry and go play some football. the chemistry will come over time, when the players can trust that their teamates will actually play

now for the main point.

in the last two preseason games, warrick holdman had rotated to MLB and played in that position through most of the games. and i believe he had done quite well.

then we have lemar marshall, who is very talented dont get me wrong, but he is very undersized for a middle linebacker. lemar marshall used to be a safety, so he has above average speed for a LB and good hands. note all of those picks

what im proposing, is that we switch the two. put holdman at MLB and marshall at OLB. holdman has more size which is better for a MLB to stop the run. marshall has more speed which is better for the outside guys to drop into coverage and pursue runningbacks. we use marshalls speed to drop him back into coverage, and through hes a good coverage LB, he tends to get struck covering fly routes that either burn him or take him out of the play to open up the run up the up the middle. why not move marshall to the outside and let him use his speed to shutdown a zone of the field and holdman to watch the middle?

this isnt the only issue with our defense, but doesnt this at least make some sense?

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The thing is,.. Holdman can't tackle properly and he's pretty dense upstairs. Neither characteristic would suit a MLB well.

well we have campbell, mccune, and mcintosh, one of them should be capable, what im trying to say is that marshall would be more valuable as an outside LB and we just need a MLB who will be there to fill the holes instead of being in coverage.

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if we are gonna leave holdman in there at OLB, then we should switch daniels and carter. daniels is bigger and more of a run stopper than carter and will help out holdman. meanwhile, we will have carter a very good pass rusher paired up with marcus washington, someone who offenses try to stay away from all together.

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