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Sagarin's NFL Ratings

Mark The Homer

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Just in case there's not enough new threads today...

Bears are totally dominant, nearly five points above anybody else, almost as if they were in a league by themselves.

Giants at 4-2 are rated 2nd in the league, maybe because they've had the toughest schedule in the league so far.

Eagles are 13th, they have four wins but they have yet to beat a top ten team.

Cowboys are 15th. Their schedule difficulty is ranked 24th. Cowboys have yet to beat a top 16 team.

Redskins are 22nd, which is where they've been the past two weeks now. The Redskins have had the 8th most difficult schedule in the league so far.

Looking solely at Elo-chess, Cowboys are 20th, Redskins are 22nd.

If the Cowboys were playing at FedEx this Sunday, Cowboys would be favored by a point and a half. But looking solely at Elo-Chess, Redskins would be favored by one point.


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