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Too many leaders not enough followers?


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I just wanted to get everyone thinking about our teams problems in a different light. Do you think this team has a problem with too many head coaches on the team? Last week Bill Belicheck made me think when he fired Jim Fassell because he said he had too many head coaches and it was his job that was on the line. We have a total of four head coaches. How can you run a team with four head coaches, four individuals, four personalities, four different philosphies. There has got to be some conflicts. I don't know if getting rid of someone is the answer but I think this team has an identity crisis. I feel until we can reslove these issues we can not fix any of the other problems with the team. It has to be more then winning to be sucessful, possibly focus on the small goals to reach the bigger goals. I think we have too many chiefs and not enough followers. To close if we had jobs where we had as much say as our so called boss and the real boss (Dan Snyder) is given his trust in his president the under boss (Coach Gibbs) Who is really going to be scared enough to let this coach be the man period. I just wanted to get us to think of this team relating to leadership. Which of these four coaches really knows what it means to loose to an NFC EAST team, true fans know what I mean. That is the identity we need.


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