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Guest HailSkinsFromIndy

Hey guys,

Long time Lurker, and lover of all things Redskins but first time poster. Anyway, from DC born n raised but reside in Indy due to Graduate School.

Well anyway ES'ers , i work at Champps (Sports Bar) down town in the Circle Centre Mall on weekend and wanted to encourage all Es'ers to come on in and show some pride.

Champps is one of the premier sports bar places downtown because of its location and offerings so come on down

I wanna see some Hogs down there becase i havent seen many in there. So all those guys in Indy for the game, SHOW UP.

We are right across from the Conrad Hotel where the skins are staying so they are all coming in left n right anyway so if you want to catch some players, we are definetly the place to be.

Saw Rock Cartwright Betts, Portis, and the strength coach (Former VT player) Last night in the place so come on down you can hang with me (so i dont feel alone surrounded by sorry old horshoe fanatics) and catch what crazy outfit Portis will wear next - He was sporting a PINK and Blue Sweater last night (..umm...wow) hehe..

Names, Brian if your coming to Champps. And its Champps, not Champions (in the Marriot). Its in the mall.


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Rock, Hottie2Hottie, and CP..............the three best looking guys on the team!!

I hope you got pics for the blonde? ;)

Oh, and welcome to posting on ES!!!


Somehow I knew you would find this thread! :laugh:

Welcome to ES!

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