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In a nutshell, This team is not well rounded.


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And it could be from the lack of draft picks and drafting properly. We all noticed this sometime ago, and now it's starting to catch up with the team.

The front line on defense cannot generate a pass rush, for how long now?

Our linebackers and safeties are our primary rusher's. And the only time the front line really generate pressure is when LB's or safeties are blitzing as well.

Also, the trading of draft picks and paying FA's big dollars. We all see what the team gets for it's money. And guys like Walt Harris, Ryan Clark and ohers are missed when the chemistry was starting to grow. And when you bring in guys like Adam A. and others, you have to regroup and have players re-start to gel with one another. Also, when a key component goes down like Springs, they brought in quick fixes like Rumph and gamble on a guy like Kenny Wright.

I admit, I didn't think we would be 2-3 at this point after starting 0-2. And didn't think te offense would do anything prior to the Giants game. Yes! I was wrong. But at 2-3, the season is still wide open with Dallas and NY being at 2-2. I also was hoping the Cowboys won because the Eagles have a very easy schedule IMO, compared to the other NFC East teams. And with the Eagles at 4-1 and an easier schedule, they can win the division.

Anyhow, It's possible we could miss the playoffs this year by maybe 1 game. We're already 0-2 in the division and 0-3 in the conference. With the loss to the Vikes, it could come back to hunt us. But, we must win all the remainder games at home against the NFC East, period.

Also, we must stop sigining these FA's and let the players start to grow and gel together and draft some DL. We need players that are a little more hungrier opposed to sigining FA's to big dollars. Let them work for the money by producing and wanting it more than already paid.

And hopefully this is the motta. With Cambell in the wings, Taylor, Rogers, Washington, Mcintosh, Portis and whomever else. But we must build from this and draft adequately. We also have those DL like Golston that can also shine if given the proper additions up front. But with the way Gregg Williams run his defense. The team cannot afford to just get by with Journeymen anymore. Because the rest of the NFC East continues to get better also with players geling together for years. And this year, that could be our downfall. the NFC East overall have players that's been around one another. And also, except the skins. The eagles, Cowboys and Giants all have descent players up front which makes it harder for Brunell to operate, period. And the teams all understand the other NFC opponent. But with Springs out, Gregg hands are tied. Because the skins need to blitz all the NFC East QB's constantly to win. And without the blitz, we're in trouble against them IMO.

So here's to getting Springs back, drafting another CB and some DL's and stop signing these FA's and let what we have start to gel from here on out. Due to the facts that we don't have quality back-ups. And this year was built to win this year. But, with key players hurt early, no back-ups, new offense, Brunell immobile, and the NFC East having good fronts and rushers. This could be our downfall this year. Because in the division, we're not winning the chess matches early in the season. But hopefully we will late in the season. All depending on Springs health. Because we must fight fire with fire, and that's with defense to win the division, period.

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