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Bass & Clinton?


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Is just a coincidence that Lance Bass came out of the closet the same week that Ann Coltuer speculated that Bill " The Bubster " Clinton might be gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence here to suggest that the committed long term relationship that Lance has talked of, may in fact be with " The Arkanasas Trailer Park night crawler ".

1. They are both single odd looking white men.

2. Thier hair color is exactly the same -saving on thier Clarol products?

3. The both live in New York

4. They both believe that Bill Clinton is the greatest President of all time

5. They both wear identical lockets around thier necks -with each others pictures?

6. They have both said, at seperate times, that there favorite pastime is to take a hot tub while listening to show tunes by candlelight, and then cry themselves to sleep.

7. They have never been seen together - how is that possible? America's greatest president and America's greatest entertainer. The odds are beyond calculation - unless, it was planned!

I see some great possibilities here if Bill and Lance would tell the world of thier deep love for each other.

Can you imagine seeing these two as America's roving ammbassadors of peace? Picture Clinton sitting down with Iran's president ( whose name I can't even begin to spell ) imploring him to give up nuclear weapons while Lance sings and dances in the backround.

I think it's fair to say that's one negotiation we'd win hands down. Who's going ot say no to that huge pile of charisma?

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