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I just figured it out about Eagles fans . . .


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Originally posted by redman:

. . . do you know why all their posts sound alike? They're all related to each other. Inbreeding does that you know.

Sorry pal most Eagle fans have their own identity and come from different mixes. Besides most come from ABOVE the Mason Dixie Line were sisters dont sleep with their brothers and dad doesnt do his little girl every nite behind closed doors. Anyway, pull up yer zipper and stop playing with yourself, its embarrasing to see you acting like this, even if you are a Redskin fan.

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Guest Baculus

Hmmm, Eagle_Lou's bold text, rambling post pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

Besides, I don't think incest and child molestation is solely isolated to The South. (Oh, and BTW, I am from Maryland which is a border state.) And since when are Redskins' fans ONLY from the South?

In the immortal words of Bugs, "What a maroon!"



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