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I'm not upset..I expected it eventually

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The Arizona game was not convincing to me. As a matter of fact, we kind of escaped that game. The front line was not getting any penetration against the Cards, and they got manhandled by the Eagles. (Lavar), like everyone said, is not "DE" material, he is more of a roaming Lb that make plays roaming the field.

Also, we are not the fastest defense in the NFL. Other than Champ,Smoot and Green, we are not that fast. If you send your receivers long to take Smoot and Champ out of position, faster teams(ala Eags)will pick us apart unless Marvin (Bonehead Lewis) make some adjustments with our LB's.

Our front line is getting pushed around like rag dolls. Bruce is too slow, Wilkinson is getting doubled teamed, and gardener is on the bench with a aching back.

Our safety's can't cover squat!! IMO, Marvin just needs to let the players loose. Stop all this this madness and let the players play.

Let Lavar loose and stop putting him at DE, it's taking him totally out of the game once the play passes him by.

On offense, our center and guards stink!! We donot have a quality QB that can handle pressure defenses. "Really" our receivers, excluding "Rod" are not quality receivers against better DB's. If you thought that a guy like Thompson was going to tear up the league you were madly mistaken, and other teams knew this. Double team Rod Gardner, and let the rest of the scrub receivers beat you.

(SOLUTION:) let the defense loose, and run Stephen Davis against teams with better DB"S to "try" and setup some kind of passing attack against better teams. If Spurrier and Lewis don't start doing that, we will be playing catch up all game long, and teams will dare for Spurriers receivers to beat them against a fierce pass rush.

Any Help?

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