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UK Skins fans.......NASN?

Sherlock Holmes

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Ok guys....ive got sky digital, and last year in preseason i was skipping through the sports chanells and saw to my amazement Washington Redskins vs. "Cant remember the other team". I checked the chanell and saw it was called NASN (North American Sports Network). I thought I HAVE GOT TO SUBSCRIBE! After a bit of persuading my mum, my dad and i rung up and subscribed.

This is what you get for £120 per year: NFL Total Access. Game of the week. Sounds of the game. Pardon the Interuption. Sportsdesk. LIVE PRESEASON NFL GAMES!!! LIVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! Live college and national Basketball. Live college and National Baseball. Live Nascar....etc...The draft as well!

The only thing i can think of that NASN doesnt have is Live Regular Season NFL games! But if youve got sky digital youve got Sky Sports anyhow.

www.nasn.com if your interested. Just thought id share. Oh and NASN has expanded to europe these days as well!

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