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My cousin has sent a punting highlight tape to Mosley


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Hey guys, just thought I'd talk a little bit about this recent news... :D

Long story short, Gary Clark has had a little crush on my Aunt for forever and my uncle is a state delegate for virginia, so they both get some pretty cool perks as far as meeting people at the games and what not.

Anyway, they have met Mark Mosley (got me and autographed football too :cool: ) and they asked him if he would relay a highlight tape of my cousin who was a punter for Temple a few years back. His name is George Radu, not sure if anyone has heard of him, but he had a good average yards/punt and is a very smart kid. On the highlight tape he has a few punts to Santana Moss that were forced fair catches and although it didn't make the highlight tape, he was on ESPN one time for being lit up by Ed Reed. :laugh:

At Temple, he was a walk on and kinda got pushed aside by a recruited kid from the new coach's previous term at Arizona. Apparently George had a longer range than the Kicker on Temple and can do kickoffs.

The tape is going to be in Mark's hands tomorrow afternoon and he is going to show it to the necessary people apparently. I'm very excited about this after hearing about Tupa's ousting and the fact that we've always been shaky in the kickoff department with Hall injured often.

I don't want to jinx anything, but I thought this was very cool, even if he doesn't get anything good out of this.

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