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Question regarding Andre Carter


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If we sign him, does he play OLB for us or LE? I would assume LE cause thats where he played his best football and thats the position we need fixing more, but im not sure. i searched and couldnt find anything on this, so help me out please thanks.

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Depends on the situation....

If GW reckons the opponent will run it, he wont be at DE, probably more likely he'll be at LB.

If its going to be a throw, he'll be rushing the passer from either position....

But arent we getting ahead of ourselves?

of course we are lol, we're all just at a stage where we think anybody who goes to a wizards game and sees them beat the pistons MUST want to come here lol

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he played RE not LE

I would suspect that our D line would look like

RE-Andre Carter

NT-Joe Salavea

DT-C. Griffin

LE-Philip Daniels

with Renaldo Wynn as a rotation guy,I am sure Greg Williams will also move Carter around

That's the way I see it. I see Carter on RE when there is a passing play, and when there is a running play he will play ROLB.

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he can play both and will play both i would imagine. however, playing OLB in a 3-4 is a little different than playing weak side LB in a 4-3. OLBs in a 3-4 is like playing DE as they play at the line of scrimmage on each play.

i would LOVE drafting rocky mcintosh

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