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Receiving a nice chunk of change back from federal taxes this year (You're welcome for the intrest free loan Uncle Sam) and thinking about using some of it to buy a new semi-auto rifle.

Like the new 6.8mm SPC AR-15 rifles but since they are new they are hard to get. Now leaning back to the old 7.62mmx51(.308) standard. Big fan of HK and love the old HK-91/G-3 Rifle but since you have to buy a preban price is way too steep for my liking. Any advice? I know they build clones of this rifle since it's so popular but would it be worth it?

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If you like the 7.62x51/308 round, and you like the AR-15, then you owe it to yourself to check out an AR-10. I have one, and absolutely love it.

Actually, I read through the pistol thread from way back, and you'd said that you'd prefer an AK-47 over an AR-10 in 7.62. I don't know if you have ever shot an AR-10, but you really need to. Otherwise, you could do a lot worse than the H&K. With clones, the quality of the material might be variable, so I'd check that.

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I am very partial to the FN FAL design and have used it in service rifle competition for several years with good results.

I was a big fan of the HK-91 rifles and ended up with one of the Springfield Armory clones. It’s a good shooter and accurate but the ergonomics stink and it’s a pain to clean. I HAD to have one so I got one, but I don’t shoot it much. If you want one the PTR clones are about the best thing going these days.


The FAL on the other hand just fits me a lot better (YMMV). The sights are not as good as a M1A but they do the business out to 500 meters or a little better if you do your part, and of course you could add optics. The gas system is adjustable to any type of ammo or field condition and it’s dead sexy. DSA makes new rifles but all of mine were built from kits. Check them out.


You might want to also consider the M1A. The magazines are a little expensive and it doesn’t have the “black rifle” appeal the other two do but it’s a great rifle.

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