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Five Section 405 Row 11 Season Tickets / will split tickets


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EDIT ## I have decided to amend this offer instead of going EBAY. I will split the seats down to two or three. ##

Five 2006 Season tickets together in Section 405 Row 11 for Sale.

Price per seat $869.00. This is face value including the PG tax.

Payment is expected in full within three days from your acknowledgement via Paypal or Money Order.

Season tickets will be overnighted to you via Fed Ex upon my receipt in August from the Washington Redskins. Of course you pay the shipping based on your preference.

Any question please PM.

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Don't forget to add in that wonderful PG County Admissions and Amusement Tax of 10 percent! Did you know that in previous years that tax was included in the price of our tickets? So our tickets actually increased a lot more than you're led to believe. Basically you can't sell them at "face value" because you'll lose money.

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