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I have a CBA plan for the future.....

5 Super Bowls

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that I would like you guys to comment on. I know that the salary cap the way it is has hurt the level of play and parity is nice and all but did you see the superbowl. :doh:

I hope you don't rip me just cause I am a Cowboy fan. Anyway.

This doesn't hurt small market teams and it doesn't help big market teams, but I think it helps the quality of the product.

I have a plan that I would like to get some feedback on.

Cap the teams with a certain percentage say 50 percent of the total revenue, less than the current 56.2-60% they are negotiating now. Eliminate the franchise tag, but allow teams to retain players after their 4th year in the league without that players salary over 4 million to count against the cap. Let the player hit free agency, and if the team wants to keep him, they have to pay that player the top offer. If they decline, the highest bidder gets the blue chip guy. Also there would be a minimum of not less than 15% less than the cap per given year. That minimum is not a hard number, and can be breached, but you have the next 2 years to make up the aggregate difference. All owners would have to match 10% of income up to a salary of $2,000,000 for each player that would go towards a player pension fund.

This is a general rough draft and no details as to what is included, and the like, but it is just an idea of how to fix this mess. This plan would create more retention and would still allow the big boys to get theirs. It would also encourage good drafting and teams could still exceed the cap number with actual payroll, but it would be to keep players as opposed to raiding teams that just won the super bowl.

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