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HOF'er Bobby Mitchell on NFL.com


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On NFL.com (under NFL network featured videos on the right) there is a movie about Redskins HOFer Bobby Mitchell, "a dazzling combination of world class speed and half back elusiveness." Pretty good stuff, check it out:


He talks about his first season in Washington, moving from RB to WR, Norm Snead, playing Clevland (his former team), and his friendship with Robert Kennedy. Some of the video is pretty good, especially the shots of him catching passes from Sonny.

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Do any of you old-timers remember Bobby Mitchell's playing days? Do you think he would still be a star in today's NFL? Any thoughts?:feedback:

Judging from highlight reels, stats, and stories, I'd say he is obviously one of our best all-time players. You could even make the case that he was the best WR of his time.

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