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10. Lleyton Hewitt: Hewitt beats Juan Ignacio Chela in last year’s Australian Open.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: Playing the race card

Bonus points for: Weird Rocky fixation

9. A. J. Pierzynski: Pierzynski protests a call during the 2005 World Series.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: Incessant trash-talking

Bonus points for: Foot stomping, genital assault

8. Phil Mickelson: Mickelson at the FBR Open last year.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: Phoniness, greed

Bonus points for: Talking trash about Tiger

7. Bonzi Wells: Wells’s grimace on display during a game last fall.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: General misanthropy

Bonus points for: Spitting

6. Michael Iaconelli: Iaconelli at the Bassmaster Classic in 2004.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: Violating

angling’s gentlemanly codes

Bonus points for: Taunting fish

5. Kobe Bryant: Bryant in the NBA Finals, June 2004.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: Selfishness on the court

Bonus points for: Talking trash about Shaq

4. Curt Schilling: Schilling in the 2004 World Series.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: Extreme publicity hounding

Bonus points for: Doctoring the sock?

3. Kurt Busch: Busch waits for his crew to finish work on his car, March 2004.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: Flouting authority

Bonus points for: Berating crew

2. Barry Bonds: Bonds glares for the cameras, April 2004.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: Colossal arrogance

Bonus points for: Brawling with teammates

1. Terrell Owens: Owens after beating the New York Giants, November 2004.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: Behavior detrimental to the team

Bonus points for: Contract-negotiating high jinks, telling Eagles coach Andy Reid to "shut up," telling offensive coordinator Brad Childress not to speak to him unless spoken to, falsely outing 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia, suggesting Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was responsible for their 2005 Super Bowl loss, suggesting the Eagles would win more if Brett Favre was their quarterback, employing Drew Rosenhaus as an agent, fighting with ex-teammate and team ombudsman Hugh Douglas, asking if anyone else in the locker room "wants a piece of me."

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It's Bonds for me, regardless of the steroids I think he is a jerk.

As much as i hate Bonds - if Schilling did in fact fake that injury, he jumps to the top of the list. Everytime i hear about him, it seems he is doing something else to solidify the fact that he is an *******. Plus, i'm a Yankees fan.

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