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Hi everyone, we are pretty much all in agreeement that without a new CBA, we will really be able to do nothing in FA this year, but we should be able to keep the major players of this team together and be able to sign our draft picks.

My question is this; if the new CBA is extended and we are able to generate some cap room, will our cap deficit keep increasing yearly? To me this sounds like a very risky proposition, particularly when we come up on years when we have some expensive free agents that we want to keep. Fortunately this years RFAs and UFAs are relatively cheap.

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This is a great read on how we can get down to the cap; however, it does not include any potential paycuts or new deals.

Hey bro, biggest question I have is whether the rule of 30 applies to guaranteed bonus money or just base salarys and non-guaranteed incentives...since I think alot of the restructuring in that article is based over prorating bonuses over 4 years, cause some knowledgable people seems to contradict the scout.com article. I think that's the key question...what exactly does the rule of 30 apply to? This is where there seems to be two different viewpoints on the issue.

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