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Any of you guys like soccer? thought not...but anyways, i live in Ipswich (my profile lies) and football (soccer) rules on saturdays (sometimes sundays and tuesdays as well) and if you think going to Philly is intimidating, you want to watch a Norwich vs. Ipswich derby match.

Ipswich just won 1-2 away at norwich, and although i couldnt get a ticket (only 2000 available you see) i felt the passion. All through the game the Ipswich fans outsung the Norwich fans, either with songs about the Ipswich players, or songs stating how much we hate norwich. Chants really, hand gestures, swearing at each other only 20 metres away on opposite stands....thuggish? nah, just passion...and you think that sounds bad?? only 20 years ago there were running riots outside Portman Road (ipswich's ground) between the two sets of fans...

But a win against norwich means the world...it means we have the bragging rights for a whole season until the next time we meet...it means ill be happy for at least a month re living the fantastic win....


ps all english footy fans, even though you may have a bigger rivalry with another club, let me have this moment eh?

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