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i know i have touched this subject before, but it really irks me...

i'm at work, sitting at my desk... i had nothing on my computer so my beautiful picture that ASF took of the Lombardi's at Redskins Park rested on my wallpaper... this jacka$$ walks by, looks at my computer, and says...

"superbowl trophies, huh? who's are they?"

i'm already irked because everyone i work with and their mother knows i'm a Skins fan... so, i respond with...

"the Skins man" in a nice, but u-should-have-known-that voice...

he replies with... "o really? they won 3 superbowls?" (yes he was serious as can be)

now i'm mad, but i try to hide it by simply saying... "yup - '82, '87, '91"

he responds with a "cool - and hopefully we'll add a 4th this year... GO SKINS!"

i hang my head in disappointment and proceed to extremeskins.com to vent... sorry i had to let it all out... :doh:

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Originally posted by Goatroper

Be patient. Those Gators need time to catch up.

i doubt he was a Gator fan... i doubt he's even a 'sports' fan... he's just one of those geeks who pretend to like sports to show how 'manly' they are... but what pisses me off is the fact that he tried to make me believe he was a Skins fan... he's probably in his 30's too so he actually LIVED during the Skins SB years... what an idiot...

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