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From the Madden Nation forums..

Someone asked for one of these. So i thought I'd write one up:

Ok as an example lets say you are using two people in this. As an example lets use Bears and I'm doing one with someone who is the packers. We will play at least twice a year.

1. Start a Franchise with two human teams (bears and packers)

2. I play my week 1 game in the franchise.

3. Save the franchise file and upload it to my EA Locker.

4. Packers player would then log on, download the file from my locker and play his game.

5. He would save the franchise file and upload it back to his EA Locker.

6. I would then access the file and play my week 2 game

and so on and so on.

Now comes the part with spawning the games we actually have to play between each other (this also works for any game you feel like playing with someone):

1. Go into franchise mode

2. Go to schedule and click on the game between you two.

3. You'll have the options to play the game, sim week spawn game, etc. Select SPAWN GAME. It will save game your memory card.

4. Then go online and upload it to your EA Locker.

5. Packers owner will have to go into your EA Locker and download the SPAWN GAME file to his EA Locker.

6. After both of you have a copy of the spawned game in your lockers, go to the main menu ONLINE.

7. Select spawn game and it will connect the both of you to play this game.

8. When the game is over, Save the game and download to your EA Locker and Memory Card.

9. Go back to Franchise mode and you can upload game results into your Franchise.


Make sure your locker is made public and not private

Hope this helps!

I'll warn you though that some leagues have had trouble getting this thing to work 100% of the time. There is an issue with "spawn game errors" that show up. If you're just trying to run a game here and there from your own person franchise it shouldn't be a problem.

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