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Hail! To all my Redskin brothers and sisters. Yes, it is a great day to be a Skins fan, but I am getting really sick and tired of one thing. How many of you listen to The Afternoon Blitz on Sirius Radio with Adam Schine and Riggo? I listen to them everyday on the way home from work, and today really pissed me off. Now I admire Riggo for who he is, but I honestly believe he is becoming anti-Redskin. He and this clown Adam Schine just totally bashed Dan Snyder for the $$ he threw Al Saunders way. They said the NFL Union, the Commissioner and other team owners were really upset at the amount of money Snyder paid Saunders. They also said Snyder has set a very bad precident when it comes to Assist. coaches salaries. I'm so tired of hearing all these people crying about Snyder and his money. Hey, Dan wants to win, plain and simple, and he cares about his Redskins. If he's willing to spend the bucks to get the best, then so be it. The Redskins, according to Forbes magazine are the most marketable and profitable team in the NFL, and these other owners can't stand it. I say, you go Danny boy!! Here's a phone # for the NFL Union, the Commish and owners to call if you want to voice your displeasure. It's 1 800 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

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