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Early X-factors for next season


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Two things that I think will be huge for us next season. This does not inclue a free agent spulrge. #1 is being committed to the run from the get go. Earlier in the year we went away from the run but went back to it before it was too late and ripped off 6 straight. Next year you will see a healthy dose of Portis and what I believe will be Nemo. He is an absolute hammer and I think we will see him alot more next season. #2 is allowing Patten to play the slot. Patten is an excellent slot receiver. He played it for years in NE with great success. It took some adjusting this year to be split wide, and 5-6 games in a new system is not enough to call him a bust. Having Patten running drag routes and skinny posts from the slot will be huge. However this does obviosly depend on if we address the #2 receiver spot. It will go a long way in freeing things up behind the linebackers for Cooley is Patten is running the routes he ran in NE.

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