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Was there any doubt?


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I've been saying and getting ripped for weeks, Brunell is done, he will lead to our demise if Gibbs doesn't pull him. While I was told he led us to where we got, I pleaded that he had a part in leading us to our record, but that he wasn't the main reason and that what he's done should not have an effect on what he is doing. What he was doing since his injury: playing horribly. Now all the posts I read say, "i know we all agree Brunell is done" well, let's all hope he's done, our offense was the subject of jokes by every objective person in the world these past few weeks. I'm tired of the jokes, I want a competent offense, I'm tired of the texas two-step, tired of the rollouts, tired of the zeroing in on one receiver, tired of the arm strength, tired of the fumbles, tired of giving a washed up player a chance---save us next year, Bench Brunell.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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