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Time to be objective about Joe Gibbs..


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I have been the biggest critic of JG's playcalling all year but its nonsense for all these JG haters to come out of the woods now. Where were you w/this all year when I was getting blasted and labled an asshat? At least I had the courage to get called every name in the book for my posts. Everyone should be in mourning for this loss instead of complaining.

The bottom line is JG was at the head of this team that went to the playoffs,(yes, I think GW brought us here on his back)so he will be back next year.

After last year's horrible job(we had the best D in the NFL and finished 6-10 w/a pretty darn talented O), he started this year looking like last. Then after the Dallas bombs, he started making serious progress. He looked best in losses to Den and KC and started to see after Dallas how Santana could bring us a Super Bowl and not just Clinton. He was rolling w/the WR screen to SM and used Cooley perfectly. He added more deep passes which opened up the running game.

The problem is most teams started to properly prepare for his new O and instead of evolving the O, he made little changes. The WR screen was heavily anticipated and teams had their eyes on Cooley out of the backfield for starters. Also, he continued to sit on leads, which is something you can't do in today's NFL like you could in his first stint. Even if you knew the Skins of his day were running, you might not stop it. Thank the salary cap for this.

The bottom line is we could have easily run the NFC this year if the O tapped in to its talent even half as much as GW gets the D to. Our D proved its ready for the next level the last 7 games. When the O sputtered in St.L, AZ, Philly, Tampa, and Seattle, they carried us.

Its obvious JG is going to be here next season, so everyone should get used to it. I hope that his biggest backers should at least say we need to work out some wrinkles on O if we plan on getting to the next level.

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