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Game time Superstitions


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Anyone have any? Always hear about athletes and their own but what about us fans? The one that I have that sticks out the most is that I can not be around any fan but Skins Fans while watching the game. Also 2 Beers need to be consumed during halftime to ensure a win. Lol..I know..Borderline obsessive compulsive.HTTR

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I have to wear the same white undershirt, the same long sleeve white shirt, and my white skins jersey. I don't have to wear my Skins hat, but it has to be around me. Oh, and my wife has to wear her burgundy skins jersey. This is the only sure way to ensure a win. It seems that when I swayed from this we lose...hahahaha.

Oh I forgot to add, I have to wear the shirts, even if they are dirty and haven't been washed yet. It doesn't matter...I just have to wear those shirts.

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