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I am happy to report that the Redskins trade with the Broncos based on value has the Redskins getting a much better end of the deal. Here are the assumptions:

1. The value of a pick a year later is viewed as 1 round lower. So the first round pick we gave up in 2006 is viewed as an equivalent second rd pick in 2005. This is important because we have to value the pick in terms of 2005 to compare apples to apples.

2. So the 25th pick is valued at 760 points, if I remember correctly. The 22nd pick, where we will be picking this year unless we make it to the SB, is valued as a 22nd pick in the second round for 2005. The 4th rounder were giving up in 2006 is valued as a 5th rounder in 2005. The 3rd pick is valed as a thrid pick because we gave it up in 2005. When you add these totals up, the value is 620.4. (the numbers are slightly off because the chart I did the calcs on and the calcs themselves were left at home)

3.So basically, from a value proposition, the Redskins got the the 25th pick, a 760 point value, and gave up 620 points to get it. The 140 point or so difference is basically a 3rd round pick.

I know this may be confusing but I hope it helps...Go Skins.

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