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A very different style of D in Tampa!


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I think we blitzed less in this game, than any other game, even thou Tampa's offense was on the field probably more than any other team we have faced.

I could be wrong, but it seemed like we were always dropping 7 into coverage.

Our front four did an unbelievable job getting pressure to the QB, and when we did blitz, it always seemed like a man came in untouched, if not more.

The first time we played Tampa, we couldn't get to the QB. He was never sacked, and I believe we blitzed more that game than any other game.

Why not, he is basicly a rookie. But it wasn't working, and it ended up being our downfall in that game. No pressure, plus man on man, equals points on the board.

So after that game, and the games before it, I kept on harping about "Don't blitz if it's not working", and I noticed they didn't blitz and fake blitz properly you almost always knew who was blitzing and who wasn't.

I don't know if anyone listened to me, but those things were fixed.

Griffen being out of the line up hurt us really bad, as well as Arrington on that outside.

But anyways back to the drop coverage.

I love this type of D, when it's mixed with some well timed(right down, yards to go, and postion on the field) blitzes.

We did this against Tampa and it paid off in 2 int. The D line gets credit for making the tipped pass, but with no one there to catch it, the tipped pass isn't as effective.

You can do a lot on D when you drop 7 in the coverage. Man to man, zone, both, double, triple teams.

All positions on the field can be covered very nicely in a zone.

Also the thing about zone is, you bend but don't break. They can get 5 yards hear, a first down there, but they have to work it down the field. This means more hits from ST, those things cause fumbles. More chances for picks and int.

I think the blitzes are more effective when you blitz less.

You can even drop as many as 9 into coverage.

And I would recommend that on those 3rd and long plays. Let them catch it short all day on 3rd and long.

Blitzing is a must, but so is playing it safe. They both has advantages and disadvantages.

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