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Do you want season tickets next year?


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I am planning on selling my season tickets (1 seat) for next year. My wife and I just found out that she is pregnant and is due August 27th, so I most likely will not be able to attend games next year. I am not looking to make a profit, so I will sell them at face value. I just don't want to lose my season tickets and have to go on the waiting list again.

I get the bill late next month (Feb) and have to pay by April 1st I think. We are already put in automatically for an upgrade so if one becomes available they will email me between April and June. If I don’t hear anything between that time we are with the same seats and the tickets arrive in late July. This is when I would ask you to pay for them. If we don’t get upgraded the cost will be the same as last year, unless ticket prices are increased ( :( ).

There are only two things that you should know:

1. I may ask you for 1 ticket (which I will take out of the cost of the entire package) so I can attend 1 game. I promise that I won't choose the DallASS game though; I'll let you experience that.

2. You must be a Redskins fan since you will be sitting next to two people I know who are Skins fans. They wouldn't be too happy about sitting next to opposing teams fans.

PM me ONLY if you are interested in the tickets. If you just have a general question(s) about the tickets, then ask it in this thread so others who may have questions can read the Q&A's also. This will be a first come first serve deal, not an auction.

Also, if you have any questions just reply to this thread so others who may be interested can read the Q&A's.

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Just out of curiosity as I have Season Tix, what section and whats the face value? Although if you've close enough to take those pics of the cheerleaders I might make an offer ;)

My seat is in section 404 row 27. We will again put in to upgrade our seats, but we haven't been able to do it yet. Tickets were $59 each last year.

As far as the pictures of the cheerleaders go, some were taken at draft day parties, some were taken as they were walking around the stadium, and some were taken during the 49er game when the stadium cleared out. We walked down to the lower level to watch the rest of the game.

This would be your view from the seats (keep in mind that I did zoom in a bit though)...


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