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When thinking of Seattle.....Remember Irvin Texas


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The second game of the regular season saw the Redskins in Irvin for monday night football in a game where on offense we could not muster much of anything on offense. It wasn't that the Defense was that much better, out team was struggling to find some momentum and confidence to get the ball rollin. But oh how are season started to roll once we found our sense of pride after winning in Dallas.

We did have a bye week after that game but with game that yealded so little offense yet gave us a victory the washington redskins were able to come back in week 4 with a much better showing. We were at home against the Seattle Seahawks.

So if you are starting to believe the hype about our team not being able to mount much of an offense against TB last week take comfort in the fact that Joe is not an idiot. TB has a much better Defense than seattle........and we will be getting the ball rolling a whole lot better against the seahawks this week.

All the faith in the world.


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