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possible smell of NFC championship?

The Hogs of War

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Lets face it the facts of this game are few.

1. homefield advantage is a factor

2. skins have beat them before

3. skins are the hottest team in the nfl right now

4. seahawks are suspect in the playoffs

5. seahawks had a weak schedule and are prime for the picking

6. Gibbs in the playoffs is like a shark in a baby pool filled with crippled seals

7. redskins never say die and never quit and when you have lord joeseph barnaby gibbs on the side lines i smell magic in the air.

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I think he meant hottest as in team riding the longest winning streak...

On PTI tonight when they were talking of the game, Wilbon brought up an interesting point: the 'Hawks had something like a 12-game win streak before they lost the final game of the season, a meaningless one, to the lowly Packers...granted the teams they beat weren't the Giants or Cowboys but just to keep winning games says something...I think most teams find a way to lose one or two of those games even against the weak competition...

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